Reem Aljeally

About The Artist

Graduated from Faculty of Architecture at the University of Khartoum in late 2018, Reem Aljeally is an architect, designer and visual artist with a great passion for channeling her talents towards addressing social issues and challenging social change, in addition to helping her fellow artists and enriching the arts scene in Khartoum. All of this led her to establish “The Muse” in 2019, which is a social enterprise that aims to promote visual arts in her community and establishes lifelong learning opportunities between participants. It also aims to support artists on the messages which they are trying to convey through their art, and by providing spaces for artists and newcomers to learn, communicate and expand their work to reach their goals. Her artistic approach has been focused on paintings that speak of women in her country, and through them she advocates for their rights, and highlights the issues she -herself- sees and sometimes tend to face.