Rana Bashir

About The Artist

Rana Marouf is a 19 years old Sudanese musical artist, based in Doha, Qatar. Her musical journey started at an early age, having experienced something she calls a “livity”. Rana grew up in a music loving family, which was and still is her primary source of influence. She was always a dedicated music listener, until she discovered her love for singing, song writing and music making. One of the things that inspire Rana’s passion for music making, is the mixture between modern sounds and traditional ones. Her first appearance was at an open mic in Doha when she was 14, and since then performing took a great role in her life. Rana doesn’t refer to herself as an artist of a specific category, as she’s interested in singing various genres of music such as Rap, Reggae and EDM. In addition to that, sometimes she finds herself leaning towards music production and DJ-ing. Rana hopes to send a message of human equality through her music, and sensually affect the way her community views and underestimates women’s abilities in music making.