Martin Pötter and Danny Schreiber

About The Artist

We are Daniel Schreiber (*1986) and Martin Pötter (*1990). Together we form the photographer and film duo Schreiber Pötter from Heidelberg.

Our passion is storytelling in pictures. We learned how to do this during our studies of photojournalism and documentary photography in Hannover. That’s where we also noticed that we work well as a team. Since then, we have realised various projects together. Our most important link has always been friendship, openness and collaboration with others. We find our inspiration in the confrontation with ourselves, the challenges of freelance work and the attempt to face ourselves and our environment with curiosity and interest.
We work for editorials and magazines like GEO, STERN, DER SPIEGEL or DIE ZEIT and clients like MONTANA CANS, AUDI and Google. We also devote ourselves to free projects and stories on social, societal or ecological topics.