The Urban Episode


The Urban Episode is a research studio based in Khartoum, Sudan. It was founded in 2019 with a focus on urban subjects including urban history, people of the city, culture, planning and design. The studio maps out different phenomena, and it doesn’t just produce research and maps, but also experiments with the use of different art mediums as well as visual and audio productions as a tool to communicate the findings to a bigger audience.

The studio has a core team that consist of architects, researchers, designers, artists and archivists but also collaborates with a diverse group of specialists and creatives in their productions and research.

The Urban Episode core team:

Zainab Gaafar, manager and founder

Mai Abusalih, head researcher, podcast content producer

Almuzn MohammedElhassan, assistant researcher, podcast content producer

Leena Shibeika, assistant researcher, podcast content producer

Azza Mohammed, Illustrator/graphic designer and presenter

Sara El-Hassan, Data controle and archivist