Art Kanoon


Art Kanoon is the first comics-oriented platform in Sudan, and the largest in Africa and the middle east. We create, produce and publish comics by talented artists as well as providing a diverse range of services. We stand for entertainment, creativity, influence, inspiration and aspiration.

In our work for Sudan Moves programme, we’ve dedicated talented team members, experienced in their field of work: “Ahmed Mahjoub”, our founder and CEO worked with “Isra Aldaw” an experienced designer who handled many comic related designs including branding for Khartoum Comic-con zero 2018, as well as the branding for Goethe-institute’s KOMIKA project. The website development is co-handled with our long-term partner, Théme, a leading Sudanese agency in web design and development. Lastly, all communications and administrative operations were done through “Yaseen Adil” our PR and marketing executive, and “Samah Azmi” one of our strategy officers.